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LSI to achieve ISO9001 certification of international, LSI has built a large copper plant, a copper band waste material recycling plant, an electroplating and enamel baking plant for the production of raw materials for metal zippers (flat wire) and spring wires, as well as four-in-one buttons and snap buttons. In addition to the purchase of copper and aluminum ingots in the international futures market in London, the source of raw materials for the copper plant may come directly from waste copper recycled from LSI’s metal button manufacturing plant, so that the raw material resources can be fully and completely utilized.

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The specialized dyeing plant processes textile dyeing, Velcro bands, cotton yarn, polyester yarns, dyed woven bands, etc., which are used in the full series of products. Furthermore, the plastic injection plant and zinc alloy injection plant target plastic garment accessories, and zinc alloy products can be produced through our own molds. From material production to finished products, LSI adopts vertically integrated and automated operation flow, and the full process is strictly controlled by the professional management team from Taiwan.

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Since May 2009, LSI has expanded the construction of three metal button plants for the production of various types of metal buttons, hooks, claw fasteners, press fasteners, accessory buttons, tent-purpose buttons, etc to meet the huge demands of buyers. Monthly productivity exceeded one million grosses. Because we have our own copper plant and zinc alloy plant, we can program our mass production to suit market demand.

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Copper flat wires required for production in the metal zipper plant come from the waste materials recycled at the button plant, and the production was carried out in LSI’s copper plant, which carries a monthly production of metal zippers of up to 3 million pieces. The plastic zipper plant has over 40 sets of injection machines, turning over a production volume of 6 million pieces per month. The nylon zipper plant adopts fully automated machines to enable a monthly production of up to 8 million pieces. And LSI’s products are ensured of consistent quality.

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The woven bands used for production in the Velcro bands plant are dyed, glued, and stripped in LSI’s dyeing plant in a vertical operation system to minimize color tolerance; in addition, the specialized woven band plant is composed of several departments, including high speed woven band, jacquard woven bands, etc. And the wide range of capacities enables the creation of a variety of patterns for enhanced production values.

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LSI Industries Ltd. main goal is unity quality and commitments
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