LSI industry to enhance
LSI METAL IND. LTD. (Parent company) 

Bangladesh garment exports over the years, the first among the leading ,2007-08 years with a total amount before the five major export 87%, 90% natural Bangladesh garment accessories all rely on imports, Bangladesh set up factories in local LSI current value, market share only 5 ~ 7% of a large number of seller, ten years ago that is the advantage of vertical integration has been operating, based on the whole of Bangladesh garment accessories industry leader, now raise the overall productivity and quality, significantly expand their territory, we are pressing, it is LSI’s business management ~ vision.

A.The industry in raising
  1. expansion of production capacity
    • semi-automatic production equipment will be upgraded to fully automatic production equipment, increasing capacity
    • automatic production equipment, the quality was relatively stable
    • automatic production equipment, a high degree of control over manufacturing costs
    • reduce work injuries and enhance safe working environment
  2. enhance the production and R & D facilities
    • the introduction of sophisticated CNC tooling machines from Taiwan, the production quality of more sophisticated
    • eliminated all new electroplating plant equipment, build green work environment and quality
    • R & D training program, to new product design
  3. combination of science and technology
    • into ERP systems, the costs really grasp
    • With ERP the import, production process transparent
    • development of the progress of production systems, real-time production information to provide the buye
    • add plating to avoid needle detector and high precision testing instrument testing machine to ensure the cooperation of green quality and standards specified
Industrial expansion – Lasting Spring Metal IND.
 The last five years, plastic and products, textile yarn and staple fibers, imports accounted for 8 ~ 10, LSI 16 in the Bangladesh garment accessories industry of effort, the cumulative number of customers thousand of clothing, so the original of plastic LSI injection plant technology to extend, set up a subsidiary – Lasting Spring Metal IND. LTD silk Lin metal industry, mainly for large garment manufacturing and textile industry for direct marketing, according to the maximum demand of the production:
  1. industrial basket, bearing 300KG, provide garments factory workshop use, lightweight easy to hook yarn
  2. Large volume of acid-barrel for fabric dyeing factory
  3. high and low temperature dyeing tube, developed the most commonly used size in Bangladesh