Origin Story


In my childhood, my family is very poor like rishal driver’s situation in Bangladesh, when I was at age of 14-16, I suffered the terminal disease of urine poisoning. I was predicted to die, but by the grace of God…I was cured.. .Few years ago I lost one son , and  I was in deep sorrow that white –hair parents attended the funeral of black- haired one. After a couple of unexpected obstacles and strikes, I deeply learned and tasted the bitterness of sickness, also realized that no dignity is for poor people, but I also realized that I should not be low-spirited and discouraged, and swear to have distinguished achievement in life , then can be enable to help the people who is in hardship, and teach them to learn skill to improve their own financial situation, this is my wish since long years.

In 1994 I started business from 9 sq. meter to 27,435 sq. meter  in DEPZ (Extn. Area). LSI has multiple growth, and again invested the profit on the expansion of machinery, factory, and raw material, but the employment character and machinery equipment, technology, and management can not catch up with the LSI growth. LSI is growing, but quality and service couldn’t reach buyer’s best satisfaction. Garment accessories production is complicated and always can face unexpected problems….., but it can not be the excuse to buyers. Here LSI by the means of IPO, it accelerates LSI to  face the past bad experience with quality aggressively , delayed delivery, and service problems … although those problems arose , but all those delayed delivery, and various customer complaints will be the most motive power to LSI improvement being a company on the way to IPO.

From last 16 years of accumulation, by LSI existing production scale, through professional integration, LSI cost is the lowest ,and multi-field compare with other manufacturers, and this year we are able to enhance production capacity and quality. LSI has imported huge volume of machinery, research & development equipments, and testing machine as well as recruit many professional people from Taiwan. From top to bottom to implement LSI internal enhancement plan. From management to production as well as marketing, all those are the key points for us to improve. However , the only aim of those changes only to achieve “ Nil customer complaint and Nil quality error”. Also fix one target that in Aug. 2010 any customers can check their order production status from LSI on line ERP system.

In LSI, dozens of technology and management foreigners already positioned, I believe deeply after few months by the devoted efforts from the professional team LSI will be able to transmute to be a giant in the business circle.

I don’t forget that I was ever in hardship, sickness, so I feel an extra responsibility on my shoulder that I need to help more children to study in school, to help many people apart from sickness and poverty. Since 2003 every year we have 3-4 times of relief program to distribute relief in the poor village in Bangladesh. We have visited Kurigram, Barishal, Nifamali, Kunla, Nohakali, …….., and every 2 months execute voluntary spiritual healing program in Taiwan and China. Every program is 3-8 days. LSI will found “Caring & Sharing LSI Fu-Tien Charity Foundation” in Bangladesh and Taiwan in end of 2009 to let this social responsibility forever continue, and by this chance to woo more help from other people who share common goal to together help people in Bangladesh . My sincere to request to all the people to give me good wishes that I can fulfill my dream to donate construction 5-10 schools every year……

Managing Director