LSI Relief in Disaster Zones

Passing on the love

Since 2003, LSI has paid at least 3~4 visits each year to all destitute disaster areas in Bangladesh and made large scale relief efforts and donations, including giveaway of rice, handout of wish funds and scholarships to children, repair and construction of schools and orphanages, and assistance to special cases. The number of people who have received relief money from LSI comes to as high as 10,000~30,000 persons per visit (or 3000~6000 households on average), adding up to a total of 250,000 persons/times up to date. To extend our charity causes and consolidate the good deeds from the general public, LSI is planning to set up “Caring & Sharing LSI Charity Foundation” in Bangladesh and Taiwan at the end of 2009. Short-term, mid-term, long-term and life-long goals will be set up to extend our charity causes in a systemized management, which will then allow us to reach more people in disadvantaged positions and poverty.

Foundation Goals
Short-term goal:disaster relief, construction of schools, scholarships, assistance for schooling needs (stationery, textbooks, etc.)
Mid-term goal:initiate the lamb and duck rearing project, which aims to assist and improve the economic conditions of the families.
Long-term goal:Set up free vocational training centers for training of life-long vocational skills.
Life-time Goal :Plan from 2011, we will donate funds for construction of 5-10 middle and elementary schools per year in the remote areas of Bangladesh.