Sixteen Years of Dedication and Active Development
1994LSI was founded with an office of 9 square meters in Bangladesh1995The Bangladesh office was expanded to 250 square meters1996The Bangladesh office was expanded to 600 square meters1999Leased a plant of 900 square meters in Dhaka DEPZ Export Processing Zone and started production of full garment accessory product lines2002Construction of a plant in Dhaka DEPZ commenced, which occupies an area of 10,000 square meters2003Completed construction of the plant in Dhaka DEPZ and started production2003LSI started to make donations to disaster regions in Bangladesh2004Plant in Dhaka DEPZ was expanded to 13,000 square meters2004Passed ISO 9001:2000 certification2005Plant in Dhaka DEPZ was expanded to 16,000 square meters2006Plant in Dhaka DEPZ was expanded to 19,000 square meters2007Plant in Dhaka DEPZ was expanded to 22,000 square meters2007Acquired certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 International Green Textiles Label Quality2008Plant in Dhaka DEPZ was expanded to 27,435 square meters2009LSI entered the heavy metal Industry (copper flat wire, zinc alloy, technical transfer completed by 2009) and was upgraded to become an international business group2009LSI sister concern – Forever Prosperity Int’l Ltd. established in CTG, and will start business operation in Jul. 2010.2010LSI will invest in heavy metal industry and upgrade to International Groups of Companies.2010Caring and Sharing LSI Fu-Tien Foundation apply for registration in Bangladesh in Mar.and actively extend help to the poor people in Bangladesh.2010LSI subsidiary – Lasting Spring Metal Ind.Ltd. start bulk production of Industrial plastic baskets in DEPZ (Extn.) in Jun.2010LSI subsidiary – Su-Jin Ind.Ltd. Purchased land in CTG, and will start construction by Aug.,and expecting to commence production in 2011.2010LSI Groups is expecting to be a listing company in Bangladesh at the 4rd quarter in 2010.2012LSI branched out into heavy industry